We’ll capture the essence of your brand and represent it in all your promotions. All Inclusive for brands looking for their own identity.

I rescue you from the sea

of brands that don’t stand out

Even the biggest cruise ships get thrown off balance by big waves. Your business is no exception, whether you have a super well-known brand or not, we all get caught by the waves and get tossed around a bit on the sand.

In the design world, brands are relying more and more on image, but watch out! It takes something very important to work right: a strategy designed to position you right where you need to be, which is in the mind of your consumer.

Today, that customer may not be ready to buy from you, but like any life preserver, it will slowly inflate. That’s what brands achieve when they have a strong, concise, and creative presence.

Could you be generating more sales? Yes, of course. I know you want your customers to recognize you at first sight.

So, if the compass does not guide your course, it is because your promotions are far from pointing to solid ground.

Let’s get to know each other, see each other’s faces, and talk about your needs.

I have a mission and a commitment: to help you with questions that will serve as a guide, get a clear idea of the project to work on, and plan the next step together.

“There are three responses to a piece of design: Yes, No, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”


I don’t have a crystal ball,

but I know why you’re here!

  • You feel like your brand is special, but it gets lost in a sea of information and you can’t communicate how you’re different from the rest.
  • Your promotions aren’t centered on a defined design concept.
  • You can’t visualize your brand beyond a logo.
  • You think it’s hard for someone to understand where you’re going with your brand.
  • You don’t feel comfortable with your brand’s image. You feel like it’s old or doesn’t represent you anymore.
  • You’re doing well, but you feel like a design evaluation might motivate you to do even better.
  • You don’t have a well-defined identity and you find it hard to convey a clear message within your business.

What we do at Melao

Descubrí cómo podemos ayudarte a crear la marca que siempre soñaste

We design

The unique creation of your brand, that which differentiates you from the competition. History, values, and positioning is the key to success. We will strengthen the basis that makes up the identity of your product or service.

We boost
social media

“The great virtual showcases”. Direct communication channels that allow you to know your customers’ opinions and interests. Today we are confiding more in brands that are more personalized and connect with your loyal following.

We bring your
ideas to life

The first impression is the most important!
You have the need but we have the tools and creativity to implement what you propose.

We create

Delivery of high quality content.
The time has come to communicate in a more personal way, with a precise, clear, and effective strategy.

and Guidance

You need a map to reach your destination. It’s time to follow the path to get to your desired destination with your brand.

Free Pass!

(we take care of the design)

I’ll let you hear first-hand what resonates in the


Excellent work team, Anto not only designs, she helps you in the whole process of brand transformation.


The experience with Melao was excellent. Antonella managed to capture what I wanted to communicate. She listened to what I asked for but also opened the proposal to new ideas. I am happy with the final result and also with the process. Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure to work with you!


It was more than I expected, nicer than I had imagined.


From the first meeting, I felt very comfortable, heard, understood and supported to grow. Anto has beautiful ideas and does not skimp on anything. She brings sheer growth.


Thanks for being there, Melao!!!!


We achieved a defined and homogeneous aesthetic in digital pieces. Melao guided us, helped us define where to go in our communication.


Excellent! I really enjoyed working with Melao. It was a very enriching process for both my brand and me.


Melao made my business grow in a very short time, the quality of his work and his professionalism is impeccable.


Looking for inspiration to take the next step in your business?

Explore the aisles of our work gallery!

Live the experience!

I want you to pour your favorite drink for our first chat. Before we budget anything, I need to hear from you and talk about everything we can work on for your brand.


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