Our creative mantra is that in every project you feel pride, confidence, and the power to get better business deals and go for more.

Hi, I’m Anto!

I’m anxious for you to meet the people who accompany and support each creation in Melao. My heart grows for them on each project.

At Melao, you’ll find your space to “give your brand an extra twist”, because thanks to them and their different approaches to design, creativity and knowledge in different areas, they make the perfect love match between you and your ideal client.

Today my smile reflects the decade lived next to people like them because they make everything simple, unique, and creative.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”


We all have

a story to tell


I am putting myself on this virtual stage of this beautiful ship to explain to you how Melao was built from scratch, because it’s easy to see the final product without realizing the “behind the scenes” wins the prize of this beautiful achievement.

There is always a “before” in every story. And here is mine:

When I was a little girl, I had a hobby (thinking in colors and giving life to my drawings). In a notebook I would only draw people with the requirement that I use the whole palette of watercolor pencils that my parents had given me for Christmas. For me, afternoons after school were a blank slate to think about what I would draw that day that would make whoever saw my work happy.

When I grew I had a very strong passion and I began to paint acrylic paintings…that’s where my heart and mind came together on a canvas. I tend to be more inspired on rainy days (I know, I’m a romantic 😍). I stay at home and slide the paintbrush across the canvas to for an ideal day.

I ‘ve gone through several jobs, but something inside me said I had to follow my passion, thinking in colors to differentiate each person and bring that unique identity to brands. That’s why I love the career of graphic design so much.

My time at the School of Design, Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires was a hinge in my way of thinking about color, shapes and images.

I liked the career so much and read so many books that I became the flag bearer in the color guard of my graduation ceremony! Right then, I began to live and breathe creativity while growing and that’s what I make as a goal for every project of the studio.

I explored the classroom as a professor of design at the University of Palermo and even enrolled as a student in an art history course at the Friends Association of the National Museum of Fine Arts (AAMNBA). My inspiration grew as my vision expanded.

The implementation of this dreaming in color opened the door for working at advertising agencies, designing books and magazines at a publishing house, and even creating a design studio before starting Melao.


As the years went by and I gained experience, I knew that this ship should not be steered alone.

It’s time to set up the studio… but what am I going to call it?
It’s time to set up the studio… but what am I going to call it?
When I thought of a name for the studio, I imagined that they would call me on the phone and start singing that famous pop song by Emmanuel, “Ay corazón de melao, melao, melao, melao… melao… melao”.

Don’t you know the song? Press play!

The team with the sweetness of the

heart of a melon


I am Creative Director, Brand Consultant and Founder of this space where we have seen so many brands grow.

Ten years of work allowed me to understand that working and growing together with a team is much more pleasant, that’s why I want you to meet the people who join me and make my daily work easy, unique and creative.
Meet the Melao dream team!


I’m like the Marie Kondo of social media because I organize and schedule all the posts for social media, in addition to designing the graphics.

When it comes to design, I enjoy the whole process. I start with the sketch and enjoy flowing with the ideas to the rhythm of 80’s classics. When my creative juices are in overdrive you might hear “Don’t stop me now” by Queen🎧 in the background.

Fun Fact: I enjoy photography as a hobby. On family outings I always take some time alone to go for a walk and take some pictures.


Tell me, can you remember the name of the most famous candy in Argentina?

Yes, they call me Sugus after that famous candy. I’m a graphic designer, thanks to the fact that in college they made me make a collage. It was love at first sight! When designing, I do a lot of research beforehand and everything flows like the sea, because collages are created in my mind. A clipping here, some tape there, a couple of magazines and voila!

Fun Fact: To make collages I really like old images from medical and botanical encyclopedias, along with the graphics of the Popular Mechanics magazines from the 50’s. Sometimes I find myself making collages with things that belonged to someone in my family: photos, pamphlets or old notebooks. I can’t help it; it’s my passion and that’s what I plan to do with your brand.


I would love to be called the J.K Rowling of writing posts for social media, although I prefer my friends to call me just Mari 😂.

I’ve been writing stories since…forever! When I was in elementary school, I remember winning a contest for a story about two pigeons that visited the school window every morning. I love writing and I love photos; they are the perfect combination to leave a mark as a brand and as a person.

Fun Fact: I can count on the fingers of one hand the series I have watched, although I could not count the amount of hours I surf the internet consuming valuable content that can generate trends.


I was born somewhere in Brazil, between one drink and the next. Neither Anto nor Jorge remember for sure.

I never forget to pack my colorful buckets because sandcastles are my refuge 😍 but I also take my floaties and my Playdough. How did you guess that I love going to the beach? Ahh you’re a psychic!

Fun Fact: I love gummies bears. Yep, I said it #bye

«The gap between dreams and reality is called action»

Our team bases our work on this premise.
Every project will give you feeling of being on vacation.

That’s the #MelaoExperience

An attentive listener produces a successful project. That’s why we meet before each proposal; those super productive conversations emerge from talking and the story of every brand comes to light. The main objective is not only an aesthetically beautiful brand, but we’ll also work out a project that expands your business and your contacts, connecting with those who see you from the other side.

Do you feel like stopping for a drink and taking a tour around the Melao Gallery?

¿Do you visualize your brand here?