A collage for your brand’s visual strategy

How to create a starter style Moodboard?

A Moodboard or collage is a board where you define, through different graphic elements, the visual style of your brand project. The objective is to capture how your brand will be perceived visually and what sensations it will transmit. Always with the focus on your audience, who will see the whole visual universe of your brand. Many times it is not very clear what functions it really fulfills or what elements it should include, or what to do with it once it is ready.

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⚠️Spoiler Alert⚠️They are not random images

¿Why is creating a Moodboard important in the branding process?

The first steps to work on branding a brand is to define the personality and how we want the public to perceive it. This is a long process of introspection if you don’t have a north of how to start. A Moodboard is precisely what will help us to translate these abstract issues of a brand’s personality into visual elements. We will visually materialize the brand concept, and it will help us find graphic elements that represent it. In addition, once the collage is done, it will become a kind of guide or compass to create all the other visual elements of the brand, from the logo to the web design or stationery. In the past, Moodboards were made with cut-outs from magazines, papers, and even fabrics and natural elements, or pieces of paper colored with pencils or watercolors. Now they can be made on the computer too, but the old method is still valid!

3 steps to create your branded Moodboard


Moodboard example. Source: Pinterest

1 – Come up with a concept

What you put in your Collage or Moodboard has to fulfill an objective, you need an intention and a strategy and to be able to plan everything you must ask yourself first:

  1. ¿Who is my ideal customer?
  2. What are the values of my brand that my clients should connect with and feel identified with?
  3. What overall message do I want to communicate with my image?
  4. What is my brand story and how is it connected to the aspirations and needs of my audience?

“This is one of the reasons why I always start my branding work process with a questionnaire to my clients, which allows me to know all the strategic fundamentals.”
#MelaoTip: One of the most useful tools to link this conceptual and strategic part is to find five keywords that represent the essence of your brand’s personality, that helps you when looking for images and inspiration for your Moodboard, to do it with a clear north of what you are looking for.  

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Source: Pinterest
2 – Moment of inspiration and research

When you’ve done the task of point 1, it’s time to start looking for visual inspiration. Here are my four favorite ways my inner muse dances to the beat of creativity:

  • The #1: create a Pinterest board that contains: photographic style, typography style, color palette, icons, miscellaneous (shapes of all kinds), strokes and textures.
    You can save Instagram posts that you like or make a screen print with your cell phone.
  • Another good option is to save reference web pages you like in the bookmarks menu of your browser.
  • What never fails is to save examples of logos you like (you can make another board on Pinterest) and leave comments on the photo indicating why you like them.

On what colors to use for your brand, I recommend you to see this blog article


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3 – Final Creation

After you have made your selection, go back over everything you have saved so as not to repeat and check that they match the five key words. Download it to a program like Power Point or Canva to see how it all works together and if you like the graphic universe. And that’s it, you have your Moodboard. The more strategically you design it, the better the process of creating your visual identity will be. It will be something to share with your designer or serve as a compass when you sit down to design. This will help you maintain visual coherence in everything you create and achieve a powerful branding.

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