You may think that colors may sound more like something aesthetic, applied to the material and the aesthetically pleasing, or you may not find the connection between psychology and emotions. Through colors, brands show the audience how we are, what we offer and how we look and feel (called the look and feel). Brand identity, brand personality and color is what is at stake in today’s couch session.

Unleash the impulse to buy

Did you know that the colors around you can be influencing your emotions and state of mind?

Did you know that certain hues can irritate or, on the contrary, relax and soothe?

Part of creating the branding  is to think from the color of the logo, the entire palette to be used in packaging, messages and even the color of the walls of a physical store, everything you imagine associated with the color of a brand should go hand in hand with the message and feeling I want to bring to the potential customer. Ask yourself this question, would you trust your health and physical exams to a brand whose color is gray and black? I bet you wouldn’t!

Make your customer fall in love

When you enter a fashion store and energetic music plays, the decoration of the aisles invites you to keep walking among jeans and sweaters, to the sound of “buy, buy, buy”. Because it is through the senses, hearing and sight, the kick of what seems to be a rational purchase.

Facts that don’t lie in the buying decision

The color and appearance of a product affect 93%.

Texture 6%

Sounds and smells affect 1% of the purchase decision.

Proper use of color increases brand recognition by 80%.

Between the lines, when a consumer approaches a product or service that has their favorite color, most of the purchase decision has already been made.

“Colors, like features, change with emotions.”

~ Pablo Picasso~

Mirror, mirror…. What does this pretty color say?


  • Passion.
  • Daring.
  • Importance.
  • Strength.
  • Heat.
  • Energy.
  • Stimulation.
  • Excitement, exuberance and boldness.

Red brings attention to text and images, so use it as a color to stimulate people to make quick decisions.


  • Happiness.
  • Friendship.
  • Warning.
  • Optimism.
  • Warmth.
  • Speed.
  • Friendliness, self-esteem and extroversion.

Yellow evokes pleasant and cheerful feelings, so use it to promote children’s products and leisure-related items.


  • Energy.
  • Vitality.
  • Fun.
  • Safety.
  • Playfulness.
  • Warmth, comfort and food.

Orange is a color that gives the sensation of warmth, so it produces a stimulating effect.


  • Nature.
  • Health.
  • Peace.
  • Organic.
  • Balance.
  • Restoration, consciusness and harmony.

Green has great healing power, which makes it the most soothing color to the human eye.


  • Intelligence.
  • Confidence.
  • Security.
  • Serenity.
  • Communication.
  • Efficiency.
  • Logic, Reflection and Calmness.

Blue is a color that is considered beneficial for mind and body. It produces a calming effect and emits security.


  • Luxury.
  • Mystery.
  • Creativity.
  • Spiritualism.
  • Vision, authenticity and truth.

Violet, too, is associated with royalty; it represents wisdom, imagination, madness, creativity and magic.


  • Sophistication.
  • Protection.
  • Elegance.
  • Substance.
  • Glamour.

Be aware that this color has a catch, it is also associated with mystery, fear and can instantly turn a positive message into a negative one.


  • Virtuous.
  • Purity.
  • Youthfulness.
  • Sterility.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Simplicity, sophistication and clarity.

It is also that of perfection and of a new beginning.

End of the session with a conclusion

All color is part of non-verbal language and it influences decision making, emotional connections between brand and person and, therefore, the buying culture. Knowing your audience allows you to create the right message and persuade them to buy. Select them carefully to align them with the key message and the emotions you want to convey.

Did you imagine that colors had so much influence?

If this is too much for you, I invite you to leave me a message shouting “¬°Helpppp!” and I’ll come with Melao to your brand’s rescue.